Saturday, 6 May 2017

#MinimiseWaste Hot Tip > Reusable Lunch Pouches

Since starting our minimise waste journey so many of my wonderful friends have shared the ways they are minimising waste in their own lives, so I decided to share them on the blog as #MinimiseWaste Hot Tips.

The first Hot Tip comes from my lovely friend Mrs S and it is Reusable Lunch Pouches!

Think about how many school children there are and how many lunches they'll have in their school lives!! Most of them would be in packaging, plastic etc that ends up in landfill.

A great solution for this is the reusable lunch pouch. They do cost more at the start but pay for themselves in more than just monetary ways.

You can also add more to your lunch repertoire than pouches, like insulated food jars, sandwich wraps and even beeswax food wraps.

Mrs S uses sandwich wraps and pouches.

They buy lunch items in large quantities and send them to school in reusable pouches. Even yoghurt!  Mrs S' girls also have 'Fridge To Go' lunch boxes that keep refrigerated foods cools for up to six hours - which is totally fab!

What are your Hot Tips for school lunches?

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